There is a lot of power in the BLE Nightly Checklist, and I think that it is even more powerful when you customize it to make the habits your own. I love my technology, so I’ve got an app for that.

I use an app called Productive to keep track of my morning and nighttime habits. You add your habits and swipe left when you did it, and swipe right to skip it. It’s elegant and easy. It adds a little accountability, but mostly I like it because it shows me what things I’m actually committed to doing every day and what things I just want to do but don’t really have time for.

Over time, I’ve been tinkering with my habits and routines using this app. When I’m trying to establish a new habit, I add it into the mix. I also find it valuable to have a record of days when I miss certain habits (like meditation) so that I can reflect on what the obstacle is and tighten up my program as needed.

Here are some screen shots from my nightly checklist:


Here is a list of other useful habit-tracking apps that have been mentioned in the BLE world:

Have fun!