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I love designing productivity tools, and I recently stumbled on this fantastic tool called a “Dreambook” and became inspired to create something similar with a BLE-spin.

This is the latest incarnation of my previous systems – you may remember my Daily Commitment Journal on blurb.com, or the pdf of my All-In-One Daily Commitment Pages.

These have been wonderful systems, but as my BLE journey continues and changes, so do my tools.

I decided it was time for an upgrade, yet another merger of all my lists, tools, journals, and BLE materials, into a SUPER-MEGA-ALL-IN-ONE-DAILY-COMMITMENT-CHECKLIST-PLANNER-LIST-MAKER-JOURNAL-MEAL-PLANNER-CALENDAR-EXTRAORDINAIRE.

This mega-tool includes:

  • Weekly Planner Pages with a Daily Spot For:
    • BLE Day
    • Daily Task List
    • Gratitudes
    • Tracker for Hunger, Cravings, Peace
    • Tomorrow’s Meals
  • Weekly Goal Setting
  • Nightly Checklist
  • End-Of-Week Reflection Page Including:
    • Life Balance Tools
    • Reflection Questions (Successes/Challenges/Support)
    • Small Action/Behavior Planning
    • Weekly WOOP!
  • Monthly Calendar Overview
  • Weekly Meal Planner
    • My Food Plan
    • Weekly Meal Calendar
    • Grocery List
  • Blank Journal Pages
  • Blank List Pages

I have access to cheap printing at work, so I printed out and assembled the pages of this planner myself and then had it spiral bound for about $7 at Fed-Ex Kinkos.

You can find the shared Google Doc HERE. Feel free to download, print, make a copy, edit, share, steal, etc!

You can also download a PDF by clicking this link: Daily Planner Pages

Enjoy the inspiration! Did I forget anything??? Let me know in the comments!

Daily Planner Pages

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Daily Planner Pages7Daily Planner Pages4Daily Planner Pages5Daily Planner Pages6

Update, July 2017:

This document is always evolving. I used the one in this for a couple of months and already found that I wanted to tweak it. I’m thinking about printing one month of pages at a time, and revising monthly based on whatever changes are needed.

CLICK HERE to see the most current one with some small design and functionality changes! 🙂